It's YOUR path and we will help you get there!

To ensure each participant has the opportunity to work with and be seen by each of the college coaches in attendance, once we reach 180 players, a wait list will be created.  

Wednesday - July 5, 2017
@PA Classics Park - Manheim, PA
Open to any and all Female Soccer Players
​Ages 14-18  (2018-2021 Graduation Years)

(includes lunch/dinner and a t-shirt)

10am                   Check-In

10:30-12:00pm    Technical Training Session**

12:00-1:15pm      Lunch
1:15-2:30pm        Day in the Life of a College
​                            Soccer Player Seminar

2:30-4:00pm        Tactical Training Session**
4:00-5:15pm        Dinner

5:15-6:15pm        Question/Answer Session

6:15-7:45pm        Matches

**Specialized GK specific Training 

P10 Women's soccer Id clinic

an id clinic run by 10 women's college soccer programs in one place...

WHy us?


Clinic schedule

don't delay, registration is limited to 180 players!

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We are dedicated to helping YOU be exposed to college coaches and  the college process in order to help find your college home. Our coaches are not only looking to find the right players for their own programs, but they are also there to help you find your right fit. This 1-day only clinic allows you to be seen and be coached by 10 college coaches at one location. Plus, there will not only be quality soccer throughout the day, but also informative sessions for you (and your parents!) on the college search process.  In 2017, we are inviting coaches outside of our group of 10 colleges to attend as well.  So, you will gain even more exposure to college coaches!

10 PA Women's College Soccer Programs have joined forces to create a unique College ID Clinic experience for female players.  
All 10 colleges/universities are 100% GUARANTEED to be part of this event, with 9 of the 10 schools having their head coaches attending!  Showcase your soccer ability in front of some of the most highly recognized Women's Soccer Coaches in the region!  Be exposed to coaches that truly understand that it is YOUR path to the college game.  These schools are there to see YOU, but they are there to help you too!  Sessions consist of technical aspects, small-sided games as well as full 11v11 matches.  Plus, there will be a seminar about the college recruiting process (and your parents are welcome to attend) as well as question and answer sessions too!  In 2017 we will also be inviting other colleges to attend as well.  As coaches agree to participate and attend, we will add their names to the list of coaches attending.